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Building Real Human Connections with Impactful Leaders and helping us all get 1% better One Day At A Time!

The DC LOCAL LEADERS Podcast interviews C Suite Executives, Military Command and Government Leaders and shares their expereinces with leadership development, mindset and personal growth. We are surrounded by amazing examples of how to maximize performance, leadership, growth mindset, and entrepreneurship. Our platform shares the experiences and " Jumping Off Points" that have guided these Leaders to success and fulfillment.

"If you keep doing what you've always done, you'll keep getting what you've always got." - Jim Rohn   .

Hear the Leadership Journey's of High Performance change makers and align with your purpose, grow as a person, and maximize your impact on your community and career!

Our mission is to provide Leaders a Forum to share their experiences and build their personal Board of Trustees.

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About the show

The DC Local Leaders Podcast is here to help you get 1% better every day.

We discover and share the mindsets, the motivations, and the habits of success from executive leaders in Government, Military and Technology.

  • Inspiring you to find Fulfillment & Success
  • New episodes weekly
  • Creating a link between Mentors and Protégés
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What our listeners are saying:

Brunette woman washing another woman's hair
5/5 stars!

Great Listen . Wasn't sure what it was all about but so happy I listened. Such awesome people in our area with inspiring stories!

FavsinVa , Apple Podcasts
Athletic woman in black shirt looking down
5/5 stars!

I needed something new . I really enjoyed this. It's cool to hear leadership from someone real as local not just celebrities or Authors

Great !

JazzinMosaic , Apple Podcasts
Blond woman with red book
5/5 stars!

This podcast is exactly what I needed and I told all of my students to listen. It's so positive, motivating and a great lesson from leaders that can one day be their mentors.

AshleyVATeacher , Apple Podcasts
Male doctor in scrubs with his thumb up
5/5 stars!

This p'dcast changed my life. Great content. Makes me want to be a DC local learder.

virginiadoc , Apple Pocasts
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5/5 stars!

Unexpected but great ! Wasn't sure what to expect but glad I tuned in

SFay703 , Apple Podcasts
Adult male wearing sunglasses in urban setting
5/5 stars!

Loved Tuning in! Thanks for putting these out ! Can't wait for the next one !

Drew2k15 , Apple Podcasts

About the host

Phillip has been building lasting relationships with Entrepreneurs and Executive Leaders in the Industries of Technology, Government & Military for 2 decades.

As a professional communicator, people connector, and conversation facilitator he has the pleasure of discussing Emerging Technologies, Business Leadership, Mentorship, Mindsets Habits, Personal Growth & Leadership Development practices with industry leaders

Phillip has learned to take massive action towards developing a new attitude and outlook on life. His personal experiences and understanding of the human condition allow him to engage in meaningful discussions on topics ranging from Fear, Failure, Success, Ego, Selfishness, Pride to Mentorship and Guidance with Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders.

Picture of Phillip K. Naithram

Phillip K. Naithram

Entrepreneur & Podcaster

•Creator of The DC Local Leaders Podcast
•Speaker & Moderator
•CEO of SHIFT Media Studios
•Founder of The Forum