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I'm Phillip K. Naithram, your podcast host

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As a professional communicator, people connector, and conversation facilitator he has developed a talent of discussing Emerging Technologies, Business Leadership, Mentorship, Mindsets Habits, Personal Growth & Leadership Development practices with industry leaders

Massive Action & Mindfullness

This Mindset and understanding of the human condition does not come easy. As with many people it stems from a place of great pain.

After starting over at age 31 following more than a decade long struggle with Alcohol Addiction and almost not living past age 31, Phillip has learned to take massive action and developed a new attitude and outlook on life. Phillip has made a complete 180 degree overhaul with not only Recovery but actively pursuing freedom from Fear & Ego, Pursuing Physical Fitness, Bio-Hacking and Extreme Adventures to solidify a mindset of resilience's and grit. These daily habits are common traits of many successful entrepreneurs and C Suite Exec's and his ability to honestly share his own experience with Mindset provides for amazing conversations.

He now shares his understanding of the Human Condition & Business experiences to engage in meaningful discussions on topics ranging from Fear, Failure, Success, Ego, Selfishness, Pride to Mentorship, Team Building, Leadership Development, Mindfulness & Spiritual Growth.

About Phillip

Phillip has been building lasting relationships with Entrepreneurs and Executive Leaders in our Technology, Government & Military Industries for over 2 decades.

Beginning his career in the Commercial Real Estate supporting the Government Contracting Industry he quickly became aware of the power of communication and how it provides an avenue of connection. This ability to connection with ease and comfort has been the basis for building lasting and successful Business and Personal relationships. We do business with those we Know, Like and Trust. Learning to shed the fears of the "What If" brain has paved the way for many successful personal and business ventures.  
Phillip is now following the lead of his mentors and his Entrepreneurial spirit with one mission; to create value and bring joy to the lives of everyone he encounters each and every day.

Phillip Naithram


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